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What is Bail?

Bail is a constitutional right by which the United States criminal justice system permits the release of a defendant from custody while ensuring his appearance at all required court proceedings. Ely Bail is here to assist you through the process. Please call us at 775-289-BAIL (2245) with any questions.

The Basic Process
The basic process usually occurs similar to this:

  1. Arrest is made
  2. Police Supervisor or Judge sets bail amount
  3. Arraignment
  4. Ely Bail Bond is posted
  5. Defendant is released from custody
  6. Defendant appears in court
What is an Arraignment?
An arraignment is the first appearance of the accused before a judge to address the charges against the accused, find probable cause,and to set, review, or deny bail. If the judge sets bail, the accused may post bail; usually cash or through a bail bond agent. Posting the bond through a licensed surety bail bond agent from Ely Bail will only cost you a percentage of the total bond.

This is commonly known as the bond premium. In Nevada the Premium is 15%. The Premium is non-refundable. If the judge does not set a bond or sets the bond too high for the accused and their family and friends to afford, the accused will stay in jail until the case is over. You could qualify for a payment plan. Please contact Ely Bail to explore the payment plan options.

How Does The Judge Decide Bail?
Judges make the decisions for bail based on many factors, including, but not limited to, prior criminal history, risk of flight, seriousness of the charges and ties to the community.
Why Should I post a Bond?
Most professionals within the judicial system would agree that a defendant who is NOT in jail will have a better end result with the disposition of their case. While out on bond the defendant can obtain legal council, use all outside resources available to them to their benefit, retain employment, provide for their family and use rehabilitation services if needed.
How long is the bond good for?
The bond is effective until full and final disposition of the case and no future court appearances are scheduled.
What is a Surety Bond?
Bonds that are posted by a licensed surety bail bond agent with the court that guarantee a defendant’s appearance. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Statistics, surety bail consistently proved the most effective type of bail, as defendants released on surety bail committed fewer crimes and appeared for their hearings more often than any other type of release. This is because the appearance of the defendant on a surety bail bond is the sole responsibility of the surety bail agent.
What is collateral?
Collateral is completely separate from the bail ‘fee’.  Collateral insures your ability to pay the full bail bond if necessary.  It does not and cannot be used to cover the bail fee.
Things to look out for?
  1. Surety bondsman that say they can do the bond for less. This is not legal. By state statute bondsmen all have to charge the same amount. If they do post the bond for less most will have you sign a payment plan, which they will collect on later. If they do not and the authorities find out that the bond was posted illegally it could have a negative effect on the outcome of the case.
  2. If a bondsman offers to perform the service illegally, you should ask yourself what he/she may do with your personal information. What other illegal activities do they partake in?
  3. When they say; “Pay me now, I’ll do it later.” Do not give a bondman money without a receipt and a copy of a contract.
  4. If it is a large bond, the bondsman may not even have the ability to do it. Make the bondsman prove that they have the ability to post the bond.
  5. Do they have a privacy disclosure?
Who is the Indemnitor (co-signer)?
The Ely Bail Bond will require that a third party co-sign or post collateral for the purpose of indemnifying the bond and providing additional incentives for the defendant to appear in court.

The third party cosigner will often be a family member, which results in the active participation of the family in ensuring that the defendant shows up to court. Family involvement can induce strong incentives to appear in court.

What is collateral?
Collateral is completely separate from the bail fee.  Collateral insures your ability to pay the full bond fee if necessary.
Easy Steps for Posting a Bond:
  1. Upon contact with Ely Bail payment of the premium is made. This payment may include additional expenses for example; court filing fees, travel etc.
  2. Bail Application and documents are explained by Ely Bail and signed by the indemnitor and defendant.
  3. .Collateral is provided by the Indemnitor and reviewed by the Ely Bail.
  4. Surety Bond is promptly posted by the Ely Bail.
  5. Defendant is released and explained his/her responsibilities to Ely Bail and the judicial system.
What do I need to bond someone out of jail?
You will need the fee, a cosigner, and possibly some form of collateral.
How long will it take me to get out of jail?
Make sure and complete ALL paperwork.  Once this is done it usually takes about an hour to be released from custody.
What is the fee?
The fee for a bail bond in the State of Nevada is 15% .  This is set by state law.  For example a $5,000 bond would cost $750. Plus a $50 court fee. Feel free to call us for a free bond consultation.
Do I get the fee back after my friend or relative appears in court?
No, the fee is nonrefundable and fully earned by us once your friend or relative is released on bond.
What areas does Ely Bail serve?
Ely Bail Bonds serves Ely, Eureka, Pioche.

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